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About Us


Our Wellness®️ Bowl Boosters Freshly™️ recipes have been expertly crafted to deliver health benefits that pet parents can see and available in a variety of delicious flavors your dog will love. Supercharge your dog’s favorite kibble by topping their bowl with any Wellness®️ Bowl Boosters Freshly™️ recipe, watch them lap up every morsel, and discover The Five Signs of Wellbeing; healthy skin & coat, optimal energy, digestive health, strong teeth & bones, and strong immune system.

Our Values

Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ is proud to be a part of the Wellness Family, where we are committed to your pet’s overall wellbeing, from tooth to tail. We started the Wellness Foundation to ensure that every pet on the planet is born, bred and raised with love. We will continue our efforts wholeheartedly until our mission is met. Because pet-advocacy is at the heart of all we do.

Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ FAQs

  • Is Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ meant to be a complete meal or mixed with kibble?

    Both! It is up to you. Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ recipes are all complete and balanced, meaning pet parents can feed these recipes as whole meals to their dog if they desire. BUT, when we talk to pet parents currently feeding fresh food (or thinking about it) we found most want to use fresh recipes as a topper and bowl booster on their dog’s favorite kibble. They see these recipes delivering a fresh, wholesome addition for that mealtime joy while still getting the benefits of their kibble.

  • How is it made?

    Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ is made with the finest quality ingredients selected at the peak of freshness and then frozen to lock in nutrients. Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ delivers complete and balanced recipes, scientifically crafted by animal nutritionists and veterinarians to nourish, and sustain a pet’s wellbeing.  It is made right here in North America with the finest quality globally sourced ingredients.

  • Does it contain preservatives?

    At Wellness®️, it’s not just what we include in our recipes, it is also what we exclude that makes us unique and ensures we’re delivering high-quality nutrition to your pet.  That’s why every recipe also contains no meat by-products, no fillers, no added artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, no corn, no wheat, no soy and no meat meals. We stand for doing things the right way, never the easy way and for us, that means the finest quality nutrition so pets can fulfill a lifetime of wellbeing.

  • Why is it frozen?

    Every recipe is frozen for the Freshly Advantage.  This 1. Locks in nutrients at freshness prime time, 2. Provides convenient portions choices and 3. Helps vital proteins and wholesome veggies last longer.

  • How do I defrost it?

    Feeding Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ is as easy as:

    • Thaw: Thaw out in the fridge overnight or place in warm water for 15 mins before serving
    • Scoop: Feed according to recommendations as a topper or complete meal
    • Serve: Watch them gobble it up and store any unserved food in the fridge for up to 5 days

  • Do I need to cook it?

    Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ is fully cooked. Just defrost and serve.

  • How long can I keep it?

    When frozen, Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ is good for one year from production. Refer to the Best By date on the package.

    Once thawed, Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ is best kept in the fridge and used within 5 days.


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